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Bishop Family Photograph
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Description: Bishop Family Photograph
Abstract: Pictured in this family portrait are Frank W. Bishop (b. 1854, d. 1913), daughter Kate (Katherine) Bishop (b. 1877, d. 1913), and wife Helen K. Bishop (b. 1857, d. 1948). Frank and Helen married in 1875. Frank Bishop was listed in the 1880 census as Postmaster, in the 1900 census as a launderer and in the 1910 census as a merchant. He was engaged in a business partnership for some time with Worthington C. Lewis, operating a general store.

Helen Bishop was born and raised in Delaware, Ohio, the daughter of Abram V. Rutherford and Eliza J. Rutherford. She was very active in the community, belonging to the membership of the Worthington Women's Club, the Women's Music Club of Worthington, and the W.C.T.U. She was also an active member of the Worthington Methodist Church, having been among those who started the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society and the Woman's Home Missionary Society. In the 1922 Worthington City directory Mrs. Helen Bishop was listed as residing at 547 High Street, which was located at the northwest corner of High and South Streets.

Date: ca. 1885
Format: photograph
Subject: Photography of Families
Subject: Postmasters Ohio Worthington
Contributor: Worthington Historical Society (View Web site)
Rights: Access is provided for research purposes. Please contact Worthington Historical Society for permissions.
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