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James Kilbourn Engraving
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Creator/Author: Elliott Art Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
Description: James Kilbourn Engraving
Abstract: This is an engraving of James Kilbourn, founder of Worthington, Ohio. Prior to the invention of photography, engravings were a popular means of reproducing portraits. Engravings were used in books and newspapers for illustrations as photographs are now. Son of an impoverished farmer, James Kilbourn set out on his own at 16, illiterate and poor. Self-educated and self-made, his life typifies the frontier entrepreneur. He founded the cities of Worthington, Bucyrus, Norton, Lockbourne and Sandusky, served in the U.S. Congress, and was active in the religious and political life of Columbus and Ohio.
Date: ca. 1830
Format: art
Subject: Arts Ohio Worthington
Subject: Businessmen Ohio Worthington
Subject: Freemasonry Ohio Worthington
Subject: Freemasons
Subject: Portraits
Subject: Kilbourne, James, 1770-1850
Contributor: Worthington Historical Society (View Web site)
Rights: Access is provided for research purposes. Please contact Worthington Historical Society for permissions.
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