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Worthington High School Graduating Class Picture
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Description: Worthington High School Graduating Class Picture
Abstract: Graduates of Worthington High School in 1943 included Nadine Carmack, Robert Chadeayne, Ted Chapin, John Cleveland, Patricia Conover, Roberta Darby, Fred Denkewalter, Betty Edwards, Martha Frederick, Jennie Gee, Phyllis Hall, Edward Hard, Ruth Hursey, Lynn Jackson, John Jett, Edwin Johnson, Jean Johnson, Horace Jones, Carleton Kessler, Harry Leyland, Donald Lindimore, Anna Magen, Erma Mayberry, Patricia McCall, Mary Menaul, David Nesser, William Price, Jerry Pruden, Richard Reed, Jansis Sargent, Carolyn Sells, Hugh Setterfield, Don Severance, Clarence Shisler, Robert Siedel, George Silcott, Janice Snouffer, Philip Snouffer, Richard Spence, Kathleen Taylor, J. Lynn Thomas, Elaine Todd, Frank W. Truitt Jr., Alpha G. Winnett Jr., Morton Woolby, Robert Wright and Carolyn Zumstein.
Date: 1943
Format: photograph
Subject: Students Ohio Worthington
Subject: Thomas Worthington High School (Worthington Ohio)
Contributor: Worthington Schools (View Web site)
Rights: Access is provided for research purposes. Please contact Worthington Schools for permissions.
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