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St. John's Episcopal Church
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Description: St. John's Episcopal Church
Abstract: This photograph of St. John's Episcopal Church of Worthington, located at 700 High Street shows a controversial bell spire that replaced the original bell tower in the late 1800's. The bell first rang from the original tower in 1833. A fund to replace the spire shown here was started immediately upon its completion, due to its ungainly appearance. Damaged by fire in 1929, Mrs. W. G. Deshler, grand-daughter of James Kilbourne and benefactor of the Worthington Public Library, donated the remainder of the sum needed to replace it. The current spire was dedicated in 1931.
Date: ca. 1900
Format: photograph
Subject: St. John's Episcopal Church (Worthington Ohio)
Subject: Church Buildings Ohio Worthington
Subject: Buildings Ohio Worthington
Contributor: Worthington Historical Society (View Web site)
Rights: Access is provided for research purposes. Please Contact Worthington Historical Society for permissions.
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