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Fortnightly Club 1902 [1902-1908]
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Title: Fortnightly Club 1902 [1902-1908]
Creator/Author: Fortnightly Club
Description: Record Book
Abstract: In January, 1902 a number of Worthington women organized a literary study group in order to "stimulate intellectual and moral development and to promote good fellowship among its members." The group had a strong interest in the Shakespeare and therefore names itself the Fortnightly Club.

This record book of the Fortnightly Club documents the years 1902-1908. It includes the group's constitution, meeting minutes and financial records. Summaries of the group's literary studies are interspersed with details of efforts to support the operation of the "Worthington Reading Room & Public Library". A Village Library had been officially established in Worthington on December 14, 1803. A century later the Fortnightly Club appointed a library committee. Members of the group served as librarians and raised funds for the purchase of books and other expenses. In 1903 the Fortnightly Club assumed full responsibility of managing the Library. A room was secured from Mr. Frank Goble on the second floor of the Kilbourne Commercial Building, located at 679-681 High Street and Mrs. B. C. McCullough was appointed librarian. A resolution was passed by the group in 1908 to rename the library as the "Worthington Public Library Association".

Date: 1902
Format: bound manuscript
Subject: Libraries Ohio Worthington
Subject: Worthington Libraries
Subject: Women Ohio Worthington Societies and Clubs
Subject: Literature Societies, etc. Ohio Worthington
Contributor: Worthington Libraries (View Web site)
Rights: Access is provided for research purposes. Please contact Worthington Libraries for permissions.
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