Bell from the Griswold Inn Displayed at Huntington Bank


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Bell from the Griswold Inn Displayed at Huntington Bank is a picture, with genre photograph and physical object.

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Pictured here is bell displayed over a fireplace at the Huntington Bank, located at 800 High Street. The bell was preserved following the razing of the Griswold Inn, which once stood at the same location as the bank. The bell was located at the top of the staircase on the upper level of the Inn. The Griswold Inn was built by Ezra Griswold in 1811, offering a place for travelers to stop. Ezra operated the inn until 1816, when he passed it down to his son, George H. Griswold. The Inn was later converted into a residence, where Ruth Griswold, the last member of the family, lived. Though the Griswold Inn Historical Foundation attempted to raise funds to purchase and restore the inn to use it as the Worthington Historical Society Museum, the building was razed in 1964.

The Huntington bank location opened in 1968 and took efforts to maintain the character of the Old Worthington area. Its architecture adheres to the Early American style of the area while items in the bank give a nod to Worthington’s history. The bank displays a reproduction of the map drawn by James Kilbourne of the land set aside for the Scioto Land Company, as well as the bell pictured here and a watercolor of the Inn painted by Bill Arter.

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