Steven Wayne Mills, 1947-2023

Steven Wayne Mills  was born Saturday, November 8, 1947 in Columbus, Ohio .

he died Sunday, July 9, 2023. his recorded age was 75.

he was a veteran  of the Army and served in the Vietnam War.

his remains can be found at Flint Cemetery in plot 12  - lot 47  - space #2 (view map) .
Arrangements were made by Schoedinger Funeral Service (Worthington Chapel). The burial took place on Monday, July 17, 2023.
Contact Walnut Grove and Flint Cemeteries for more information.

On Sunday, July 9th, 2023, Steven Wayne Mills of Sunbury Ohio, loving father of 5 and grandfather of 14, passed away at the age of 75. Steven was born on November 8th, 1947 in Columbus Ohio to Hubert and Rose Carole Mills. He studied electrical engineering and spent much of his adult life working as an electrical engineer, working for several professional businesses in his early career, before opening his own electrical contracting business. Steven married Deborah Lee Turner in 1973, raising two sons, Steven Eric and Jonathan and also his daughter Natalie Rose. Steven later remarried in life, of which he helped to raise two step children, Patricia and Mark.

Steven had a passion for life and a brilliant sense of humor, oftentimes finding a way to make people laugh and smile when times were tough. Steven loved hunting, fishing, being in nature, and had a connection with animals that most would consider unique and amazing. At one time Steven had a pet duck named Herbie that would fly to him when he called his name and a catfish named Moby that he would feed by hand. In his latter years, Steven had several pet cats that he loved and adored and would often feed them off of his belly while sitting in his easy-chair. Steven was incredibly intelligent, serving in the United States Army as an engineer specialist E-4 during Vietnam and was also an M-14 sharpshooter. He spent much of his free-time tinkering with electronics, improving and redesigning things, and also invented and patented his own boat motor. Steven enjoyed working on cars and was a drag racer in during his earlier years, before settling down to raise children. Steven loved to help others, was a good listener, and would talk to you for hours, even if he wasn’t always able to be present. He was a life coach for many and would do anything that he could to help others in their time of need. In many ways, Steven’s life can be summed up by the last words that he spoke, by saying “Love All” because he truly loved all.

Steven was preceded in death by his mother, father, and four other siblings. He is survived by his five children, 14 grandchildren, three siblings, and other extended family members.

Steven W. Mills and brother Alan D. Mills are buried in the same urn vault.