Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tune in to our June exhibit, which highlights Worthington's musical past.

Photographs of Worthington's bicentennial celebration, held in 2003, offer evidence that in addition to livening up a party, music can also remind us of our shared cultural heritage. Native American drum circles, jazz bands and klezmer ensembles are among the styles that have enriched and echoed the diversity of our community. Citizens in Worthington's sister city of Sayama, Japan, shared a Taiko drumming performance during the Worthington delegation's last visit to Sayama in 2009.

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Worthington Memory Celebrates Libraries!

National Library Week is April 8-14, and what better way to celebrate than by looking back at the 215-year history of libraries in Worthington.


Make "Mary" during Women's History Month!

In a nod to Women's History Month, our March exhibit focuses on one woman from Worthington history: Mary Johnson Sessions, whose patronage helped establish the Columbus Museum of Art.


Celebrate Valentine's Day with Worthington Memory

It's February: the month of cupids, flowers and those chalky little heart candies with messages for your sweetheart. Our exhibit bids homage to Valentine's Day with an assortment of romances from Worthington's history.


Ring in the New Year with Worthington Memory

The big New Year's bash heralding 2018 may be over, but the party lives on in Worthington Memory! Our January exhibit looks back at New Years from centuries and decades past.


There's Worth in Linworth

The area of Linworth includes parts of western Worthington as well as the city of Columbus. Step inside this month's exhibit to learn more about the history of this neighborhood, including how it got its unique name.


Artful Worthington

With fall’s vivid colors painting the landscape, there’s no better time to celebrate the visual arts. Our November exhibit features paintings and sculptures made by and about Worthington's residents.


Dancing through the School Year

There's nothing like a school dance to make students' minds wander. Classroom concerns fall away in the face of decisions about what to wear and who to ask. With school in full swing, let's take a whirl through popular school dances from Worthington's past.


Remembering Harvey Minton

As Worthington's mayor for 14 years, Harvey Minton made a lasting impact on the community and its residents. Our September exhibit is a tribute to his many contributions to Worthington.


Feel the Berm: A Half-Century of Route 315 Construction

Frustrated with the never-ending construction on state Route 315? You're not alone. Worthington has been a hotbed of controversy over traffic problems and road construction for more than 60 years.


Worthington Loves a Parade

From Halloween to Memorial Day to (of course) the Fourth of July, Worthington knows how to throw a parade. Grab your lawn chairs and find a good spot for July's exhibit on parades from Worthington’s past.


Worthington's Justices of the Peace

Before there were police forces, early Ohio towns relied on justices of the peace to maintain law and order. Our June exhibit explores some of these early representatives of the law.


Down on the Farm

Today, the Worthington area is surrounded by miles of residential subdivisions, housing and strip malls, but for most of its history, it consisted of woodlands and farm fields. Our May exhibit takes you on a farm tour from Worthington's past.


Worthington, in Style

Whether wearing starched collars, handlebar mustaches or plaid, the people of Worthington have always been stylish. Lace up your boots for a stroll through a gallery of fashions from decades past.


The Women of Worthington

What better way to celebrate Women's History Month than by recognizing the remarkable achievements of the women of Worthington?


Celebrating African American history in Worthington

February is Black History Month, and Worthington Memory is joining the celebration by highlighting several of the city's African American residents through the decades.


Weathering Worthington's Seasons

Brr! With winter upon us in earnest, this month's exhibit focuses on scenes of dramatic January weather from Worthington's past-- from snowstorms to floods.


Before the days of orange barrels

Road construction slowing you down? Take a spin through our November exhibit for a look at Worthington's major thoroughfares before they were paved.


Worthington: the home of Choplets and much more

Did you know that Worthington was once home to Worthington Foods, the world’s largest producer of vegetarian meat substitutes? Step inside our October exhibit for a look at the history of this innovative company.