Thursday, August 1, 2019

Extra, extra! Our August exhibit celebrates the digitization of almost 40 years of the "Worthington News." Now you can read and search online all the issues of Worthington's hometown newspaper from 1925-1963.

This year, Worthington Libraries has collaborated with the Ohio History Connection to digitize and make available online the first 37 years of the "Worthington News." Currently, all issues from 1925-1953 are available on the Ohio Memory website, with the years 1954-1963 to appear in the coming weeks.

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A Tale of Two Cities

Since 1999, Worthington has been sister cities with Sayama, Japan. Our February exhibit celebrates this cross-cultural friendship.


Popular Sport Hooks Locals

For a sport with such a glamorous, larger-than-life reputation, basketball sprang from remarkably humble beginnings. Our January exhibit takes you on a spin through decades of Worthington's basketball history.


Autumn in Worthington Treats the Senses

With 90-degree days still heating up September, October often feels like the true start of autumn. The green leaves that have decorated your neighborhood for the past five months gradually change to red, orange and yellow, and the temperature dips enough to bundle up in jackets and scarves.


Back-to-School Days

Although the dog days of summer are going strong, school bells will be ringing again soon! Since 1804, when its founders established the first school in a one-room log building on the Village Green, Worthington has been home to a distinguished educational history.


Summer Fun

Summer’s here, and it’s time for picnics, swimming pools and a good old-fashioned game of baseball. What have Worthington’s residents done to beat (or embrace) the hot weather through the decades? Have a look at our July exhibit to find out!


Worthington Hometown Heroes

Superman was born on Krypton. Wonder Woman hails from Paradise Island. Who are some of Worthington’s hometown heroes? Step inside our May exhibit to find out!


Celebrate Spring with Worthington Memory

Spring is in the air! We invite you to celebrate both National Poetry Month and the long-awaited arrival of spring buds and blossoms by looking through some of our scrapbook and news items that feature gardens and poetry.


Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Miracle

Joe Miracle, member of Boy Scout Troop 365 proposed a method to acquire content from individuals in the community for Worthington Memory and organized the launch of Worthington Memory's call to the community as a service project to advance to the level of Eagle Scout.


Memory Makers Contest: Honorable Mention

"Colonial Hills Elementary Fourth Grade Students Appreciate Worthington," created by students in Ms. Riedmiller's class.


Memory Makers Contest: First Place

The results for the fall 2004 My Worthington Memory Makers Contest are in! Congratulations to the following students in Mrs. Riggs' and Mrs.


Sesquicentennial - 1953

Worthington's Sesquicentennial was celebrated October 5-11, 1953.


Bicentennial Celebration

The community of Worthington's pioneering spirit has been showcased throughout the yearlong Bicentennial Celebration with a series of signature events that honor the past and will create a legacy for the future.


FolkFEST 2001

Worthington Libraries invited the community to share their earliest memories and fondest recollections of life in Worthington at the Worthington FolkFEST, July 28, 2001. Several individuals told stories about their experiences in the community from both long ago and the recent past.


Bicentennial School Projects

This collection features the ways in which schools in the Worthington School District celebrated the 200th Birthday of Worthington and Ohio. Special Bicentennial projects were completed by students in the Worthington School District during the City's year-long celebration.