Mary H. Case, 1818-1840

Mary H. Case  was born some time in 1818.

she died Tuesday, September 15, 1840. her recorded age was 22.

her remains can be found at St. John's Episcopal Church Cemetery .

In Memory of
Mary H.
daughter of Job W. &
Julia Case who died
of consumption Sept. 15,
Aged 22 years.
Remember dear youth her
last message to you prepare
For eternity while in health.
For l have found a death bed a very unfavorable place
for so vast a work.

Cemetery notes:

Mary daughter of Job W. Case died the 15th & was buried the 16th Sept. 1840 in same tier & 4 feet north of Levi Buttles

— George H. Griswold, sexton, 1825-1843