Capt. Abner Pinney, 1749-1804

Capt. Abner Pinney  was born some time in 1749.

he died Friday, November 23, 1804. his recorded age was 55.

he was a veteran  and served in Revolutionary War.

his remains can be found at St. John's Episcopal Church Cemetery .

November 23, 1804 Aged 55 Yrs.
(A Veteran of the American Revolution)
"Here Abner Pinney lies, the kind, the just.
His flesh is turning to its kindred dust.
Love, friendship dwelt within his faithful heart.
Yet from his dearest friend was called to part.
And now, we trust, he's landed on the shore,
Where death ne'er comes and friends shall part no more."
(From the April 27, 1941 issue of the Columbus Dispatch.)