Edith Ligda (née Griswold), 1883-1974

Edith Ligda (née Griswold)  was born some time in 1883.

she died Sunday, April 28, 1974. her recorded age was 90.

her remains can be found at Walnut Grove Cemetery in lot 431  - section A  - space #3 west (view map) .
Arrangements were made by Sunset View Crematory. The burial took place on Wednesday, May 15, 1974.
Contact Walnut Grove and Flint Cemeteries for more information.

Memorial services will be held at 5 p.m. (today) Thursday in St. John's Episcopal Church for Mrs. Paul Ligda (Edith Griswold) who passed away last week at her home in California. She was born November 24, 1883 to Worthington Franklin and Fondelia Ruth Griswold, and was a great-granddaughter of Ezra and Ruth Robert Griswold, pioneer settlers of Worthington. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Harold (Mary Barbara) Drummond of Walnut Creek, California and a son Theodore Paul Ligda, Palo Alto, California, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The Rev. Starke Dillard, Rector of St. John's will officiate at the memorial service.