FolkFEST 2001

Worthington Libraries invited the community to share their earliest memories and fondest recollections of life in Worthington at the Worthington FolkFEST, July 28, 2001. Several individuals told stories about their experiences in the community from both long ago and the recent past. The interviews took place on the Village Green.

  • Joyce Geary shared her recollections of the night that the Old Rectory was moved from Hartford Street to West New England Avenue.
  • Eric Fisher shared his recollections of the 1999 Fourth of July celebration in the Village of Riverlea in addition to information about the founding of Riverlea.
  • Andrew Rettig shared his recollections of moving to Worthington and his first time visiting the downtown Worthington business district during the holiday season.
  • Ethel Laws Traylor shared her recollections of combined choir festivals and recreational activites from her childhood years.
  • Daniel Barnes shared his recollections of leisure activities and development of the Worthington area in the late 20th century.
  • Melinda Jenkins shared her recollections of Worthington High School marching band performances, early Folklife Festivals, Memorial Day parades, and Zip Code Day.
  • Steve Potter shared his recollections of school age years, Halloween Festivals, and life in Worthington prior to growth and development in the 1950s.
  • Charles Warner told the story of the founding of the Orange Johnson Singers and recollections of performances.
  • Martin Jenkins shared his recollections of experiences at the Worthington Folklife Festival, the Worthington Public Library, and making the choice to move to the community of Worthington.
  • Robert F. Chosy, M.D. shared his recollections of settling in Worthington and participation in the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Municipal Development Commission, and Worthington City Council.
  • Kathryn Denton shared her recollections of growing up in Worthington, attending Worthington High School, the Ox Roast, playing in the Griswold Inn, St. John's Episcopal Church, and spoke of the growth and development of Worthington since the 1960s.
  • Susan Keeler shared her recollections of early Worthington Folklife Festivals.
  • Madeleine Winsback shared her experiences visiting Worthington from France and attending the Worthington FolkFEST 2001. Christiane Curry translates from French to English.
  • Victoria Bergesen shared her recollections of experiences at Market Day and factors that influenced her decision to move to Worthington.
  • Karen Roderick shared her recollections of the annual Memorial Day parade in Worthington.
  • Regina Goetz shared her recollections of growing up in Worthington and childhood activities.
  • Jeffrey Soiu shared his recollections of the July 4th fireworks in 1997.