Memory Makers Contest: Honorable Mention

"Colonial Hills Elementary Fourth Grade Students Appreciate Worthington," created by students in Ms. Riedmiller's class.

We chose to include this image because it is our school. We love our school and are proud of it! We noticed that when the village of Colonial Hills became part of Worthington, the Worthington school district built a school here. We wonder if a school would have been built here if that had not happened. We saw that some rooms had not been added yet, like the "Pod." We observed that the playgrounds have changed over time because there was no equipment then and there is now. There is now a janitor's storage building with a fish mural on it that we add paintings to every seven years. This is a new tradition. We wonder if it will be here in 50 years.

We thought this diary would be interesting to look at but we were disappointed because there is only one page of writing. We were anxious to read the rest. We thought the photos were neat. We wondered if the girls had to wear dresses or whether it was just the trend. We noticed that this diary is sixty years old and that means the writer is only about seventy-eight years old. We wondered if we could interview the author of the diary. The handmade covers make this diary even more interesting. We wonder if it was hard to make the diary.

We thought this was interesting because we didn't know a Halloween Festival would be involved with the military stuff we went to look at. It caught our attention. We saw that the costume was of Hitler and we thought that was strange but he did a good job at looking like Hitler. We didn't know that there used to be a festival, costume contest and crowning of a festival queen. We wondered, "Why don't they do these things now?" Some of us thought it was a stupid idea and others wish it was still occurring. It's Halloween time as we write and this photo goes along with the mood of the season.

When we read the information about this person we learned about the first African-American tank unit. We were shocked that white and black people were separated just by the color of their skin. The Civil War was so long ago and still Private First Class Blake was not being treated justly. We are glad that in this time period he would be treated rightfully. We think it is amazing that he would have the courage to go out on the battlefield to save fellow soldiers. He is a real American hero.

We noticed these medals. When we read that they were George C. Blake's we were surprised to find more information about him. We knew we wanted to include this photo on our page because we think this soldier is amazing!

We were intrigued by this little boy being so interested in books at such a young age. We noticed that the sale has been going on for 32 years. We think people must have liked it for it to be happening for so long. We wondered what the money went to other than author visits. We are glad we know how to read. We think the Worthington Library is AWESOME! We LOVE to do the Summer Reading Program. Some of the themes have been spies, fish, dragons and castles, and explorers and we have adored them all! We wondered when the first Summer Reading Program started. The library is a great place to check out books. We are curious what the next Summer Reading Program theme will be.