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Name Branch of service War
Adams, Charles W.
Aisel, George, Jr. World War II
Aldrich, Orlando Wesley
Alexander, Jack R.
Alexander, John Frank World War II
Alkire, Ivor E. Army
Allen, Clifford Civil War
Alter, Herman Army World War II
Althauser, Derrell L. Navy
Ames, Marvin L. Air Force World War II
Anderson, David P. World War I
Anderson, Jesse Earl World War I
Anderson, Kenneth A., Sr. World War II
Anderson, Robert M. Army
Andreas, Howard Frederick
Andrix, Charles A. World War I
Andrus, Minor G. Civil War
Antrim, John (Jack) Carson Air Force World War II
Arbogast, Daniel
Arbogast, Evert Summers
Armentrout, Earl (Pee Wee) C.
Armond, Jack B. World War II
Armstrong, Glen World War II
Armstrong, Harry World War I
Armstrong, Paul Spanish-American War
Arnold, Bernard Raymond Army Vietnam War
Arnold, John Wilbur World War I
Ashida, George World War II
Atwood, Theodore Robert Korean War, Vietnam War
Augsburger, Fred D.
Ault, Robert Vernon Army World War II
Avant, John Dan
Babbert, Jack Leo Army Air Corps
Bader, Earl D. World War I
Badertscher, Robert F. World War II
Bailey, Clarence
Bailey, Clark Griswald World War II
Bair, Charles Bert World War I
Baker, Calvin Layle World War II
Baker, Charles W. World War II
Baker, Daniel H World War II
Baker, David F. World War II
Baker, Edward John Navy Spanish-American War
Baker, James R.
Baker, Robert E. World War II
Baker, Robert E. Army
Baker, Roy World War I
Baker, Virginia L. Navy WAVES
Ball, Robert Cragin Army
Ballenger, Fredrick W. World War I
Bangs, Ada Dorice British Army Pay Corps World War II
Bangs, Kenneth Leon World War II
Banks, Charles William
Barber, Fred O.
Barker, Andrew Samuel Civil War
Barker, David F. Civil War
Barker, Elias Civil War
Barker, F. J. Civil War
Barker, Frank E. Spanish-American War
Barker, Kent Wilber Korean War
Barker, Peter, Sr. War of 1812
Barnes, Walter B. World War I
Barnett, George W. Civil War
Barnhart, Morris E.
Barron, Joseph K. World War II
Bartlett, Lloyd D. Air Force World War II
Barton, Richard (Dick) M.
Bass, Jack Chapin
Batterson, Dwight C. World War I
Bauer, Franklin L. World War I
Bauer, Willis E. Army Air Corps World War II
Baxter, George A. World War II
Beaty, Lowell Emerson
Beaumont, Charles World War II
Beaver, John Ross World War I
Beaver, William (Shorty) K.
Beck, Philip Armour
Bell, Guelph Leighton Army World War II
Bellknap, Richard D. Navy World War II
Benner, Andrew C., Sr. Navy
Bennett, Ervin Henry World War I
Bennett, Oliver Civil War
Berry, Clifton
Berry, Robert F. Army
Biechler, Albert Spanish-American War
Bierly, Lamar F. World War II
Billups, John Elliott World War II
Bishop, Allen Keith
Bishop, M. D. Civil War
Black, Lawrence World War II
Black, William T. Korean War
Blackford, William Allen Korean War
Blackmore, Dwight A.
Blackmore, Josiah Navy
Blackstone, Tad World War II
Blake, Florence Maxine Women's Army Corps (WAC)
Blake, George Carey, Sr. World War II
Blankenship, Lewis Civil War
Blazakis, Andrew George Army
Blinn, Philip H. World War II