Boys Basketball: Thomas bounces back to beat Wolves

"Boys Basketball: Thomas bounces back to beat Wolves" was published on Thursday, January 14, 2016 in This Week Worthington News, page A13. Brad Emerine is the Author. John Hulkenberg is the Photographer. It includes a graphic.

It covers the location Local Area and Worthington .

It covers the topics school sports and basketball. It features the people Sean Luzader, Jake Montgomery, Jaret Gerber, Jaedyn Carter, Tanner Cowgill, Christian Carter, Gabe Watson, Matthew Gierhart, Isaiah Young, Tom Souder and Carson Van Lynn. It features the organizations Olentangy Orange High School, Upper Arlington High School, Hilliard Davidson High School, Hilliard Darby High School, Worthington Kilbourne High School and Thomas Worthington High School.

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Available online via ThisWeek Community Newspapers.

Available at Worthington Libraries on microfilm roll number 1314393867. Contact library staff for more information.