Lacrosse: Schedule testing Wolves boys

"Lacrosse: Schedule testing Wolves boys" was published on Thursday, May 12, 2016 in This Week Worthington News, page A12. Joshua A. Bickel and Lorrie Cecil are the Photographers. It includes a graphic.

It covers the location Worthington .

It covers the topics school sports and lacrosse. It features the people Paige Lampman, Drew May, Jack Trombetti, Addie Hamilton, Scott Hamilton, Kelli Hill, Emma Sayer, Abby Eymann, Tori Banks, Jenna Rao, Addie Hamilton, Liam Graney, Max Nordquist, Luke LeVette, Grant Snodgrass, Curt Grawe, Liam Nehring, Evan Parr and Grace Cameron. It features the organizations Thomas Worthington High School and Worthington Kilbourne High School.

Full text

Available at Worthington Libraries on microfilm roll number 1314393867. Contact library staff for more information.