Kilbourne Roundup: Baseball squad expecting to have strong season

"Kilbourne Roundup: Baseball squad expecting to have strong season" was published on Thursday, March 30, 2017 in This Week Worthington News, page A7. Brad Emerine is the Author. Lorrie Cecil is the Photographer. It includes a graphic.

It covers the location Worthington .

It covers the topics school sports, baseball and softball. It features the people Mike Yinger, Dominic Frengel, Reid Katz, Ryan McDaniel, Brock Wajda, Brayden Carter, Noah Reed, Cole Wadja, Tyler Ward, Kyler Archual, Evan Decunha, Jake Hane, Travis Taylor, Grayson Timms, Mike North, Alex Friesen, Karlee Scott, Molly Winget, Destiny Hilliard, Kasey Trout, Paige Hardison, Kailyn Turners, Cassady Watson, Alyssa Jozefowicz, Casey Knuth, Lora Snodgrass, Allie Garvin, Maysun Denhart and Olivia Judy. It features the organization Worthington Kilbourne High School.

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Available online via ThisWeek Community Newspapers.

Available at Worthington Libraries on microfilm roll number 1314393974. Contact library staff for more information.