Thomas Roundup: Records fall in Napoleon's wake in OCC

"Thomas Roundup: Records fall in Napoleon's wake in OCC" was published on Thursday, May 18, 2017 in This Week Worthington News, page A11. Brad Emerine is the Author. Shane Flanigan is the Photographer. It includes a graphic.

It covers the location Worthington .

It covers the topics school sports, track and field, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, volleyball and softball. It features the people Gia Napoleon, Andy Cox, Jazzlynn Gaiters, Cade Richeson, Arjun Jha, Kainnan Ramsey, Khalil Jones, Bill Darling, Kai Britz, Spencer Kiehl, Trent Castle, Craig Anderson, Lauryn Hickman, Kylie Wadkowski, Nicole Bienvenue, Marie Ashline, Carmen Staton, McKenzie Seymour, Taylor Viebranz, Marika Johnson, Jordan Miller and Jillian Riegert. It features the organization Thomas Worthington High School.

Full text

Available online via ThisWeek Community Newspapers.

Available at Worthington Libraries on microfilm roll number 1314393974. Contact library staff for more information.