Students of the month

"Students of the month" was published on Thursday, January 25, 2018 in This Week Worthington News, page A9. Larry Pishitelli is the Photographer. It includes a graphic.

It covers the location Worthington .

It covers the topics awards and high schools. It features the people Amya Harris, Yukina Yamaoko, Ciera McKibben, Ishan Gore, Evan Anderson, Chelsea Kao, Randy Findell, Nathan Yorke, Caden Stiffler, Anthony Knight, Derek Justus, David Boord, Lilly Schoppelrei, Jacob Hoeft, Trent Peterman, Davis Bailey, Trixie Abbott, Caleb Martin and Erin Beard. It features the organization Worthington Kilbourne High School.

Full text

Available at Worthington Libraries on microfilm roll number 1314394113. Contact library staff for more information.