Norris Corbin's Mill Sketch


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Norris Corbin's Mill Sketch is an art original. Its dimensions are 8 in. x 10 in..

It was created on Tuesday, December 2, 1913.

Linworth Historical Society and Maggie Mae Corbin are the Creators.

This sketch a wood frame grist mills built on the Scioto River by Norris Corbin (b. 1810) was drawn by Maggie Mae Corbin in 1913. An inscription on the verso reads "Drawn by Maggie Mae Corbin December 2, 1913. For my friend Jennie Thompson." Jennie Thompson (age 16 in 1913) lived in a cabin north of the Mill and would walk there to get flour. This is the only image of the mill known to be in existence. The mill was built ca. 1855 on the east side of the Scioto River, and was located across from the Ferris Cemetery which is on Riverside Drive near the intersection of Bright Rd. Following the 1913 flood, the mill was abandoned, reportedly due to the construction of the O'Shaughnessy Dam* which was completed in 1925.

Norris Corbin was the grandfather of Samuel Corbin, who was the funeral director for Corbin's Funeral Home in Worthington. Norris Corbin's great grandson was Frank Corbin, former historian for Worthington Historical Society, trustee of Worthignton Public Library, and member of Worthington City Council.

* Loomis, Rev. Ralph, The Community Calendar, Dublin, OH, Vol. VI, No. 50 (1934).

It covers the topics rivers and mills.

It covers the city Dublin.

You can find the original at Linworth Historical Society.

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