Article of Incorporation


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Article of Incorporation is a manuscript. It is 2 pages long.

It was created on Monday, December 3, 1821.

Worthington Presbyterian Church is the Contributor.

The article of incorporation for Worthington Presbyterian Church is shown here. Members of the Presbyterian Society of Worthington met at the home of Daniel Upson in December 1821. The following were appointed as officers: Job W. Case, Arius Kilbourn and Edward Mallory as Trustees, Daniel Upson as Treasurer and Samuel Baldwin as Clerk. The church's first building was constructed 1829-1830.

It covers the topics church records and charters.

It features the people Dr. Arius Kilbourn, ?-1865 and Edward Mallory, ?-1863.

It features the organization Worthington Presbyterian Church.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Worthington Presbyterian Church.

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