Black Lives Matter Protest Sign

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Black Lives Matter Protest Sign is a picture, with genre photograph and signs (notices).

It was created on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

This sign stating "BLACK LIVES MATTER" was held by protestors at the Black Lives Matter protest on the Village Green in Worthington on June 3, 2020. The other side of the sign states "DEFUND THE POLICE." A local mother and daughter used leftover cardboard, stencils, markers and tempera paint to make the sign.

The protestor stated, "I brought my daughter to the protest in Worthington because I want her to look back and know she was a part of this historic moment nationally and internationally. I want her to understand our family values include speaking out against injustice and standing up for others and our own beliefs. During this time of isolation, it felt good to get out and know that we weren't alone. It was affirming to be with the other protestors and to receive support from passing cars, including honking horns and raised fists."

The Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 began at the end of May, following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, along with a history of systemic racism and police brutality against Black people. Tens of millions of people in cities across the United States and world participated in the protests. A July 3, 2020 article in “The New York Times” estimated that the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 may be the largest movement in United States history. Worthington was the site of several protests.

It covers the topics racism, Black Lives Matter protests, race relations and police.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Village Green.

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