Blaine Snouffer


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Blaine Snouffer is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 4 in. x 3 in..

It was created in 1910.

Blaine Snouffer (1890-1917), son of Joseph Marion and Sophronia Snouffer of Linworth, confessed to the murder of then girl friend Mary Augusta Sickles. The murder took place on April 10, 1917 in Worthington at the home of Mrs. Minnie Snyder (NE corner of High St. and North St.). Miss Sickles had stated that she no longer wanted to be with Blaine Snouffer, and he therefore took her life so that "no one else could be with her." After breaking into the Snyder house and slitting Miss Sickles's throat, Blaine went back home, was confronted by police, surrendered, and confessed. He was later electrocuted at the Ohio Penitentiary, in Columbus, on December 12, 1917. Both bodies were buried in the Dublin City Cemetery.

It covers the topic crime.

It covers the city Worthington.

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