Cloud Painting on Ceiling in House at 180 West South Street


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Cloud Painting on Ceiling in House at 180 West South Street is a picture, with genre photograph and painting. Its dimensions are 6 in. x 4 in..

It was created in 2008.

William (bc) (Bill) Collins, 1943-2020 is the Artist.

Shown here is a painting made by artist and signmaker William (bc) (Bill) Collins of clouds and sky on the ceiling in the house at 180 West South Street. bc, who lived at the address with his family for 22 years, painted the image on metal after visiting Las Vegas for the first time, and being inspired by Caesars Palace there.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, William (bc) (Bill) Collins attended Columbus College of Art and Design when it was still a small art school, majoring in Fine Art. After serving in the Army in Europe, he became a sign artist for businesses throughout the Columbus area, starting his sole ownership sign business in 1978. Over nearly three decades, he created some of the most iconic advertising art in central Ohio.

Before the advent of computers and the use of vinyl, bc designed, created and sold his signs marketing his work through word of mouth. He cut letters with a router, made and pounced patterns, projected designs on a variety of objects then finished the job by painting and installing the sign.

bc created signs for numerous Worthington-area businesses, including Angels on High, Scottie MacBean, Pig Iron BBQ (now Iron Grill Barbeque and Brew), P.K. O'Ryan's, The Old Bag of Nails Pub, Celtic Corner, Magic Cruises & Tours and M.S. Abbott Jewelers.

In addition to his sign art, bc was an accomplished muralist, sculptor and painter of portraits, landscapes and other work, which were exhibited in galleries throughout central Ohio. In April 2022, bc’s 1992, 25-foot mural of the Columbus skyline became part of the permanent collection at The Ohio Arts Council.

bc said about his painting: "I love the aesthetics of all styles of art, but using oil, I favor creating atmospheric qualities in my realistic to abstract paintings. I enjoy completing oil pastels from my travels. The mesmerizing full moon is important in my life; I often portray it in my paintings."

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