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James Alonzo Pinney (b. 1835 d. 1914) was born in Worthington, Ohio but moved along with his parents (Charles, a cooper by trade, and Sarah) and siblings to Iowa City as a child. His grandfather, Azariah Pinney, was a member of the Scioto Company and an original member of the New England Masonic Lodge #4. James grew up to hold many prominent positions in several communities in western states, but never returned to reside in his hometown of Worthington as an adult. During his life he mined gold in California (1850-1851), fought in Indian wars (1854-1856), became a Master Mason in Iowa City Lodge No. 4 and Grand Master of Idaho, worked as a postmaster in Idaho City (1865-1872), served as the Mayor of Boise for eight years and built and managed a theater in Idaho City. He is pictured in ceremonial uniform.

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