Leonard Insley and Henry Sines at Christmas Party


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Leonard Insley and Henry Sines at Christmas Party is a picture, with genre group portraits and photograph.

It was created on Monday, December 19, 1949.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This photograph depicts the Worthington Business Association’s 1949 Christmas party, held at the historic hotel and restaurant known at that time as the Boyd Inn. In 1952, the Boyd Inn would come to be known as the Old Worthington Inn, following its lease to George Snyder.

In the photograph, Leonard Insley (closest to camera, with cigar and gift-wrapped parcel) and Henry Sines are shown seated. The December 22, 1949 edition of "The Worthington News" describes that the party’s "principal items of entertainment included the exchange of presents, the top gift, a turkey to Mrs. Max McConagha, and the group numbers by the Columbian Singers."

Leonard Insley was a prominent businessman and public figure of Worthington, who founded "The Worthington News" in 1925 and served as mayor of Worthington from 1935-1945.

Henry Sines was a roofer and sheet metal worker, who purchased the Worthington-based Drake Roofing company in 1944 and continued operating the business locally for decades.

It covers the topics business, businessmen and Christmas.

It features the people Leonard Insley, 1882-1952 and Henry Lee Sines.

It features the organization Business Men's Association of Worthington.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Old Worthington.

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