May Day 1940


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May Day 1940 is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits. Its dimensions are 4.38 in. x 6.38 in..

It was created on Wednesday, May 1, 1940.

Worthington Schools is the Creator.

Worthington Elementary School sixth graders celebrated May Day, 1940 with a party in the new school's gymnasium, decorated for the occasion. Students are identified as; (standing) Antoinette East, Kenneth Kayner, Judy Nocker, Barbara Buel, Russell Whiteis, Bill Lindamore, Phebe Johns, Raymond McCann, Joann Hurlbert, Tom Hartman, Jane Hoag, Bill Hamilton, Sally Gooby, Virginia Gooby, Jack Pruden, Fred Weaver, Ellenor Rowland, Jene Kerr, Dona Farbutton, Tom Snouffer, Jr. Dill, Mary Butts, Belford Griffith, and David O'Brien; (seated) Tim Blodgett, Molly Morgan, Jim Hanson, Janet Howard, Sam Harsh, Miss Marting (teacher), Wayne Jewett, Janet Arnston, and Norman Ellston. In 1938 a new elementary and junior high school was built at 50 East Granville Rd., now Kilbourne Middle School.

It covers the topics students, teachers and elementary schools.

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