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Photograph of Bill Arter is a picture, with genre photograph and portraits.

It was created around 1968-1971.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor. David Philip Wilson, ?-1994 is the Photographer.

Bill Arter is shown at work in his home art studio, located in the village of Riverlea, likely in the late 1960s or early 70s. Some of Arter’s trademark watercolor works are visible behind him. Arter found success as an advertising executive and creative director before his illustrations (and accompanying histories) of local buildings and other landmarks, known as "Columbus Vignettes," were published weekly in the Columbus Dispatch Sunday Magazine. Four volumes of collected "Vignettes" were also published as hardbound books as the series’ popularity grew.

Arter wrote and illustrated a nationally-syndicated, science-themed newspaper feature, "Today’s World," prior to developing his "Vignettes." He also taught journalism and other subjects at Ohio State University, his alma mater, for more than 20 years; he earned an undergraduate degree with a major in English and fine arts there after departing the school’s engineering program.

It covers the topics architecture, artists and history.

It features the person William A. Arter, 1911-1972.

It covers the city Riverlea.

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