Photograph of Home at 440 East North Street


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Photograph of Home at 440 East North Street is a picture, with genre photograph, historic buildings and group portraits. Its dimensions are 6 in. x 8 in..

It was created in 1910.

Worthington Historical Society is the .

This photograph, which dates to around 1910, shows the home at 440 East North Street as it appeared in that time period. The extended Black family stands in front of the home with their horse, Bill. On the far right stands Howard Black with his father Cicero Black second from the right. Lawrence Black, son of Howard is third from the right. Sarah Sunderland Black, wife of Cicero, appears next with her granddaughter Dorothy Denig, Fred Denig, and daughter Victoria Black Denig seated next to her holding Merlin Denig. On the far left are Carolyn Black and Emma Black, farthest left.

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