Photograph of the Paul and Hattie Snouffer Family


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Photograph of the Paul and Hattie Snouffer Family is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits. Its dimensions are 14 in. x 11 in..

It was created around 1961-1962.

Olan Mills is the Photographer.

This photograph is a family portrait of the Paul and Hattie Snouffer family taken for a special occasion in 1961 or 1962. Back row: Daniel (Dan) P. Snouffer (b. 1944) and Stanley (Stan) P. Snouffer (b. 1947, d. 1989); Front row: Paul Snouffer (b. 1921, d. 2014), Harriet J. Smith Snouffer (b. 1921, d. 2004) and John I. Snouffer (b. 1952).

The original is in a private collection.

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