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Photograph of Robert Riggle is a picture, with genre photograph and portraits. Its dimensions are 6.5 in. x 4.25 in..

It was created around 1922-1923.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This photograph of Robert Riggle (b.1905, d. 1994) was taken when he was a senior at Worthington High School, where he graduated in 1923. He was the son of Cyrus and Ida Riggle. In 1990, at age 85, he wrote a letter to the Worthington Historical Society recalling his childhood in Worthington. He remembered, "My family moved to Worthington in 1912 when the streets were unpaved, the sidewalks of brick laid in fishbone pattern and huge maple trees lined the streets. The town was within the boundaries of North and South, Morning and Evening streets with very few houses (the Methodist Childrens’ Home) outside these traditional boundaries. We lived on Short Street in the house now occupied, I believe, by Theron Wright. The small, old Methodist church was at the head of Short Street on High Street. They used to toll the bell whenever anyone died and we children thought that the belfry was haunted....The library was on the second floor of a Victorian building of brick that housed a furniture store on the first floor. (In the twenties the librarian was Rose. O. Little, a small energetic woman with black dyed hair who always dressed all in one color, everything matching. She lived on Evening Street and gave dancing lessons [one and two and three] one evening a week during the winter months.) It was next to Dr. Bonnell’s office where the Worthington Bank now stand." Today, Worthington Jewelers occupies Dr. Bonnell's office space as well as the space where the furniture and later Worthington Bank stood.

Robert Riggle is buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery.

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It features the person Robert Charles Riggle, 1905-1994.

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