Photograph of Vest Sisters and women in extended family, 1961


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Photograph of Vest Sisters and women in extended family, 1961 is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits. Its dimensions are 4.25 in. x 4.25 in..

It was created in August 1961.

This photograph was taken in August, 1961 when the Vest sisters and their female children, daughters-in-law, and grandchild gathered. Winfield and Cornelia Gillespie Vest raised four daughters in Worthington in the late 1800's, Katherine "Kate" Vest Gloyd, Caroline "Carrie" Vest Long, Cornelia Vest Corbin and Bertha Vest.

From left to right, in the front row are Edith Corbin, Caroline Vest Long, Virginia Kuhn, Jane Kuhn, Susan Corbin, Cornelia Vest Corbin, Ellen Gloyd, Nancy Long, Letitia Corbin Ortega, Bertha Vest.
Patricia Long and Mary Corbin are in the front row.

The familiy relations of those in the photograph are described here. The three Vest sisters who were living in 1961 are Carrie Long, Cornelia Corbin and Bertha Vest. Edith Corbin was married to Frank Corbin, son of Samuel and Cornelia Vest Corbin. Three of Frank and Edith's children are also in this picture: Laetitia, Susan and Mary Corbin. Ellen Gloyd was the daughter of Kate Vest Gloyd, who was no longer living at the time of this gathering. Nancy Long married John Long, son of Carl and Carrie Vest Long. The Longs' daughter, Patricia is in the front row. Virginia and Jane Kuhn are mother and daughter, both friends of Ellen Gloyd.

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