Photograph of Worthington High School Class of 1930


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Photograph of Worthington High School Class of 1930 is a picture, with genre photograph.

It was created in 1930.

Worthington Historical Society is the .

This class composite photograph includes portraits of the members of Worthington High School's class of 1930 as well as faculty during that school year. It also includes a photograph of the Worthington High School building at the corner of Evening Street and West Granville Road, known as the Packard Building or the "Cracker Box," and now home to the McConnell Arts Center.

Faculty included are Eloise Sanford, Helen Robinson (Principal), C.E. Webb (Superintendent), Catherine Keiffer, Alpha Wilhelm, Grover T. Shepherd, Helen Bates, A.C. Kennedy, Carrie Wright, Lester J. Miller and Mrs. W.K. [Helen] Wilson.

Students included are Virginia Ullom, Pres; Ernest Shaeffer, Secy/Treas; Emerson Coe, Frances Cotter, Emily Cummins, Elizabeth Dixon, Helen Fisher, Louise Garner, Bernard Gibson, Benjamin Grace, Wallace Hard, Ruth Hill, Warren Insley, Elizabeth Keys, Richard Knost, Lawrence Long, Albert Proudley, Peggy Scatterday, Pauline Shoaf, George Shupe, Pearl Smiley, Joan Stritmatter, and Elizabeth Watt.

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