Studio Portrait of Mary Alice (Price) Gardner (1863-1933) and Ozem Gardner (1857-1920)


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Studio Portrait of Mary Alice (Price) Gardner (1863-1933) and Ozem Gardner (1857-1920) is a picture, with genre photograph and group portraits.

It was created around 1902-1920.

Schreick's Photo Studio is the Photographer.

This copy of a black-and-white studio portrait shows husband and wife Ozem Gardner and Mary Alice (Price) Gardner.

Mary was born in Delaware County, and according to her obituary in the June 8, 1933 Worthington News, “Mrs. Gardner, who had been in failing health for the past 6 months, was well known in the community, having lived on the same farm during her entire married life. She was a member of the Gardner Chapel, Methodist Church.”

Ozem, whose father was Joseph Gardner (1825-1897), was the grandson of Ozem Gardner (1797-1880), an active member of the Anti-Slavery Society of Worthington who operated an Underground Railroad station on his property. It has been said that he assisted more than 200 enslaved people on their journey to seek freedom in Canada.

The portrait appears to be stamped with the words:
38 [?] N. HIGH ST.

According to the Columbus Library, Schreick’s Photo Studio operated from 1902 to 1979. It appeared to have changed locations more than once. As of 1928, it was located at 113 N. High Street.

Handwritten below the photo is “Mary Price + Ozem Gardner.”

It covers the topics Underground Railroad and farm workers.

It features the people Ozem Gardner, 1857-1920 and Mary Alice Gardner (née Price), 1863-1933.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Flint.

The original is in a private collection.

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