Worthington Bicentennial Arts Project (Basketmaking)


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Worthington Bicentennial Arts Project (Basketmaking) is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 4 in. x 6 in..

It was created in 2003.

Bluffsview Elementary School is the Contributor.

All grades at Bluffsview Elementary School participated in a Worthington Bicentennial Arts project. Each grade learned about a historic vocation or recreational activity typical of pioneer Worthington. First graders learned about basketmaking. A basketmaker visited the classes, teaching students about the craft. Students then made their own modern baskets. The baskets, as well as a wall display, were available for viewing at Bluffsview's Bicentennial Arts Open House Spring 2003. This photograph shows a basketmaker demonstrating the art of basket weaving to first grade students.

It covers the topics students, centennial celebrations, art and elementary schools.

It covers the cities Worthington and Columbus.

You can find the original at Bluffsview Elementary School.

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