Worthington Female Seminary Lithograph


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Worthington Female Seminary Lithograph is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 5.65 in. x 8.92 in..

It was created in 1850.

Felch and Riches, Engravers is the Creator. Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This engraving depicts the Worthington Female Seminary. The seminary building was constructed in 1842, located on the west side of High Street between South and Evening Streets. The school's charter was granted on March 9, 1839, making it the first female seminary of the Methodist Church in what was then considered the "West". Following the establishment of the Ohio Wesleyan Female College in 1853, the Worthington Female Seminary lost support, which led to its closing in 1857. The cottage shown to the right of the seminary building was the residence for the principals of the Worthington Female Seminary. Portions of the house were built in the 1820's, and it was later remodeled in the 1870's in the popular Carpenter Gothic style. The seminary was demolished in the 1960's for the expansion of the Worthington United Methodist Church. The house was moved by private owners to its present location at 38 Short Street at that time and renamed "Bird Song".

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