Worthington High School Graduate Composite


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Worthington High School Graduate Composite is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 8 in. x 10 in..

It was created in 1940.

Baker Art Gallery and Worthington Schools are the Creators.

This class composite of the 1940 Worthington High School graduating class includes students and faculty. They are identified as: (first row) H. C. Burrell - Fac., Mary Saenger - Fac., Ray Heischman - Fac., G. T. Shephard - Fac., Dorothy Matthews - Fac., Mary Frances Follick - Fac.; (second row) John Archer, Ernest Roush - Fac., Alpha Wilhelm - Fac., H. C. McCord - Supt., Ella Wells - Fac., William Archer, Betty Lee Ashcraft; (third row) Paul Ashcraft, Helen Baker, Frank Brown - Pres., Robert Cotter - V. Pres., Russell Moore - Secy., John Egelhoff - Treas., George Bartholomew, Emerson Cabel, June Cannon; (fourth row) Jimmy Collins, Mary Lee Fenstermaker, Clara Firtch, Carrie Inez Forinash, Doris Herpin, Margaret Hibbs, Virginia Faye Hughes, Bob Jackson; (fifth row) June Jackson, Irene Jarnagin, Harold Jones, Margaret Kadel, Ruth Livingston, Bill Mack, Catherine Mackay, Eliada Mann, Barbara Merrill; (sixth row) Betty Myers, Lawana Myers, Marilyn Price, Tom Reed, Winifred Roller, Bob Shifley, Jean Shuster, Audrey Smith, (seventh row) Earl Mark Smith, Helen Shephard, George Taladay, Frances Truitt, Catherine Williams, Dorothy Williams, Clarissa Ward and Alice Zeigler.

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