Worthington High School Graduating Class


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Worthington High School Graduating Class is a picture, with genre photograph. Its dimensions are 8 in. x 10 in..

It was created in 1948.

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The graduates of Worthington High School in 1948 were Barbara Bassett, Bob Bell, Walter Boerger, Thomas Bolon, Page Brightman, Barbara Brown, Charles Buck, Raymond Buckley, Robert Cade, Don Carpenter, Beatrice Carter, Gwendolyn Clark, Donald Custer, Dorothy Demos, Janet Dutcher, Robert Foster, Patricia Fouts, Howard Freeman, Hubert Gardner, Nancy Gerhart, Richard Groves, Annette Halley, Carolyn Harding, Herndon Harding, Emerey Hetrick, Russ Hill, William Hopkins, Charles Jarrett, Carolyn Jones, Marjorie Kahler, Carol Kauffman, Jane Kocher, Edward Kready, Marilyn Landis, LaDonna Lawless, Geneva Laws, Edward Merrill, Barbara Miller, Joan Miller, Marilyn Moench, Ann Moody, Barbara Moore, Joan Morrow, Joan Mosher, Edward Ochwat, Patrick O'Dea, Donna Owens, Altamae Perry, Edith Pfefferle, Frederick Plapp, Arnold Poling, Ralph Price, Danahey Ryan, Jane Scatterday, Joanne Severance, Pauline Smith, Donna Snouffer, Richard Snouffer, James Stanley, Don Taylor, Ruth Hulls,Phil Thomas, Ted Hursey, Particia Thorley, Patricia Tobin, Bill Trippett, John Walker, Shirley Walters, Marjorie Weese, Barbara Wolf and John Wood.

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