Worthington Bicentennial Legacy Quilt


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Worthington Bicentennial Legacy Quilt is realia. Its dimensions are 96 in. x 96 in..

It was created in 2003.

Worthington Bicentennial Legacy Quilt Committee is the Creator. Worthington Libraries is the Contributor.

This 25 block quilt measuring 96 inches by 96 inches was created to commemorate the City of Worthington's Bicentennial. Planning for the quilt began as a 2002 class project of Leadership Worthington. A group of women known as the Worthington Bicentennial Legacy Quilt Committee created the quilt, spending over 261 cumulative hours stitching it together. One of the quilt blocks was created by the Sayama International Quilt Group, from Worthington's sister city, Sayama, Japan. Signatures of over 800 members of the community were gathered at Founders Day 2002 and incorporated into the quilt along with signatures of elected city and state officials. The quilt was presented to the city of Worthington in November 2003 and was designated as the official Worthington Bicentennial Legacy Quilt. Each block of the quilt represents a unique aspect of the community and was made by a member of the committee.

First row - Commerce Block (Peggy Notestine), Wagon Trails (Peggy Notestine), Pooch Parade (Martha Petry), Worthington Historical Society (Dolores Goetz), Sayama (Hisae Lakuma).

Second row - Worthington Library (Dolores Goetz), Four Seasons (Karla Zadnik), Patriotic Block (Sandy Ryan), Municipal Building (Virginia Duym), High School Mascots (Joan Tuttle).

Third row - Religion Block (Wilma Cannon), Worthington Inn (Teri Tope), Worthington Bicentennial Block (Janet White), The Neighborhoods (Maryann Zadnik), Village Green (Diane Blake).

Fourth row - Sports Block (Jacqueline Mercier), Ohio Bicentennial Block (Janet White), Farmers Market (Karla Zadnik), Ohio Railway Museum (Joan Tuttle), School Block (Nancy Currie).

Fifth row - Bike Path (Joan Soon), Street Lamps & Baskets (Nancy Currie), Fire, Police & Maintenance (Jacqueline Mercier), Worthington Sign Logo (Sherry Reis), Worthington Arts (Martha Petry).

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