The 200-Year History of Worthington Libraries: 1803-2003


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The 200-Year History of Worthington Libraries: 1803-2003 is text, with genre book and history. Its dimensions are 8.5 in. x 5.5 in.. It is 74 pages long.

It was created sometime in 2004.

Worthington Libraries is the Contributor. Lisa D. Fuller is the Creator.

It was published in 2004 by The Friends of Worthington Libraries in Worthington, OH.

This history of Worthington Libraries was published in April, 2004. The book was presented to all library volunteers at the 2004 Community Breakfast during National Library Week. Researching, writing and publishing the history of Worthington Libraries was one of Worthington Libraries goals for 2002-2003. This book chronicles the evolution of library service in Worthington from the 1803 Stanbery Library to Worthington's Bicentennial year.

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The 200-Year History of Worthington Libraries: 1803-2003

Table of contents

Chapter One - 1803-1899: The Early History of Worthington Libraries - 9-13
Chapter Two - 1902-1908: The Fortnightly Club - 15-18
Chapter Three - 1908-1925: The Worthington Public Library Association - 19-23
Chapter Four - 1925-1950: A Home on the Village Green - 25-28
Chapter Five - 1951-1991: A Growing Library and Community - 29-37
Chapter Six - 1991-2000: Change and Expansion - 39-44
Chapter Seven - 2001-2003: A Library for the Future - 45-53
Chapter Eight - The Friends of Worthington Libraries - 55-56
Chapter Nine - The Board of Trustees - 57-59
Chapter Ten - The Staff - 61-63
Conclusion - 64
Annual Circulation - 65
Library Trustees - 66-68
Library Directors - 69
Photo/Image Credits - 70-73

It covers the topics libraries and library trustees.

It features the organizations Worthington Libraries and Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries.

It covers the city Worthington.

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