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The Cardinal: Vol. I, No. II (Jan. 1938) is text, with genre periodical. It is 36 pages long.

It was created in January 1938.

Worthington Libraries is the Contributor. Thomas Worthington High School is the Publisher.

This is the second issue of The Cardinal magazine, written and published by students of Worthington High School in January 1938. These students were participants in the “Commercial Department”, a curriculum developed by WHS teacher Thelma Sams-McCormick that included shorthand, typewriting, and bookkeeping instruction.

A note near the bottom of this issue’s Table of Contents states that "the object of this paper is to provide a medium of expression for the students of The Worthington Public Schools": the students’ self-expression within these pages takes the form of parodic song lyrics, reporting of formal school events and extracurricular social gatherings, a questionnaire for testing the reader’s "imagination," and detailed school attendance statistics for the school. More space is dedicated to students’ original short fiction than in the previous issue, including a farcical stage play about students rushing to submit their book reports to the doorstep of their English teacher, Mrs. Fluharty, ahead of a midnight deadline.

A variety of student activities are described in this issue, accompanied by more anecdotes and gossip than in the previous issue (an entire page is dedicated to "Slams" and ribbing specific students and couples). For those curious to know the whereabouts of the students whose classrooms had been relocated following the razing of their former school building late the previous year, the "Grades Are Happily Situated" article on page 29 offers a brief update for each grade level. These students were awaiting the construction of the school that is currently known as Kilbourne Middle School.

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Table of contents

Poem – p. 1
Calendar – p. 2
The New Year Editorial – p. 3
The World at Large – p. 4
The Crystal Gazer – p. 5
Have You an Imagination – p. 6
Literary Page – pp. 7-8
A Knight at the Rink – p. 9
Special Articles – p. 10
Short Waves – p. 12
Athletics – pp. 13-14
Music Notes – p.15
Stage Door – p. 16
The Meeting Will Now Come to Order – p. 17
Class News – p. 18
Fashion Page – p. 20
Pen Points – p. 21
Alumni News – p. 22
Slams – p. 23
Grade School News – pp. 26-29

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