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The Chronicle: Vol. XI No. 1 is text, with genre newspaper. Its dimensions are 17.5 in. x 11.25 in.. It is 4 pages long.

It was created on Wednesday, September 29, 1971.

Worthington High School is the Creator. Worthington Libraries is the Contributor.

This edition is full of the types of stories one might expect in a student-produced newspaper printed near the start of the school year. Principal David Cavanaugh was interviewed for a front-page article about new policies, one of which allows students to choose their own English courses. Students and faculty were polled about this change and responses are gathered in a story that accompanies Principal Cavanaugh’s interview.

The front page also includes a photo and feature of Christina Fleury, a Brazilian foreign exchange student, and a summary of teacher-led summer trips to Canada and the Yucatán peninsula.

Pieces on the inside pages encourage students to contribute Chronicle content like letters, articles and creative works. A page two article summarizes changes to the school’s handbook. Page three includes a senior spotlight column about student and Worthington Public Library employee Susie DeMuth. There are also two poems, a prose piece titled “The Thing” and the results of an informal survey about what students would be doing if they weren’t in study hall.

Page four includes coverage of the football team and an article noting the expansion of the soccer team.

A double-sided flyer insert from WNCI stereo/98 lists 30 “top o’ the chart” songs as well as album recommendations and a promotion for the station’s midnight to 6 am disc jockey Steve Mountjoy. WNCI also has a page four advertisement in the edition. Other notable ads include Le Sport Ltd., The Loin Clothe and Richman Brothers.

It covers the topics high schools, students and school history.

It features the organization Worthington High School.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Old Worthington Library.

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