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The Chronicle: Vol. XI, No. 4 is text, with genre newspaper. Its dimensions are 17.5 in. x 11.25 in.. It is 4 pages long.

It was created on Wednesday, December 15, 1971.

Worthington High School is the Creator. Worthington Libraries is the Contributor.

Printed right before the winter holidays, this edition includes a number of Christmas-specific touches. A stylized page two layout features large seasonal photos and copy proclaiming “The True Joy of an Ancient Christmas.” A page three article, an excerpt of an essay published in 1950, discusses possible origins of the Christmas tree. Line art images of the high school typically in the masthead on the front page have been replaced by seasonal line art.

Also on page one is an article about Valentina Stepanovna Kuznetsova, a Russian English teacher who spent three weeks in Worthington as part of an exchange program. A position paper about ways to address smoking in high school restrooms, developed by school administration and student council, has been submitted to the board of education and is under consideration. Another article examines how eliminating grades, which has been done at Worthington elementary schools in favor of achievement evaluations, might work (or not) at the high school level.

On page three, there’s a feature of senior Leslie Epps, the results of a student-led effort to raise money for Pakistani refugees in India, arguments presented by two students about why the educational process in Worthington should be changed and a brief piece about a Swiss book titled Gratis Verlag.

Page four includes coverage of the basketball and wrestling squads and a report that winter intramural sports programs for boys and for girls are in the works.

A double-sided flyer insert from WNCI stereo/98 lists 30 “top o’ the chart” songs as well as album recommendations and a promotion for the station’s 6 to 10 am disc jockey Bob North. WNCI also has a page four advertisement in the edition.

It covers the topics high schools, school history and students.

It features the organization Worthington High School.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Old Worthington Library.

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