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The Chronicle: Vol. IX, No. 9 is text, with genre newspaper. Its dimensions are 17.5 in. x 11.25 in.. It is 4 pages long.

It was created on Friday, February 13, 1970.

Worthington High School and Worthington Libraries are the Contributors.

Race Relations Group provides educational programs and speakers for WHS students to work towards a better understanding of race relations. Ohio High School Press Club Workshop with a focus on "Media Power". Chronicle questions smoking policy in schools. Survey on the new school's "no dress code" was deemed confusing.

Page 2- Student Inquiry Program, an independent study program is not providing desired results. Letters to the Editor: Dress Code Survey. Cardinal Basketball Team. Sounding Board on Pollution.

Page 3- Remember the Narghile. Senior Spotlight: Carol Hibbs. "Everything was going to be Nice" and an Untitled Poem.

Page 4- Wrestling. Swimming. Basketball

It covers the topics high schools, school history and students.

It features the organization Worthington High School.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Old Worthington Library.

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