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It was created on Tuesday, November 27, 1906.

Grand Lodge of Ohio Masonic Museum is the Contributor. Horace A. Irvin is the Creator.

In 1891 a split occurred in many Ohio Masonic Lodges, including New England Lodge No. 4, over Cerneauism, a 19th century Masonic movement that opposed legitimate Scottish Rite Masonry in the United States. The majority of New England Lodge members adopted a resolution to renounce allegiance to the Grand Lodge of Ohio and secede. The New England Lodge charter was arrested and those rebellious members suspended. A temporary charter was issued to the nine Masons who remained in allegiance with the Grand Lodge of Ohio, but they temporarily lost their property to the rebellious faction. In need of a place to assemble, this 1906 letter from Grand Master Horace A. Irvin states that New England Lodge No. 4 can meet in the Odd Fellows Hall until the next annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The matter of possession of the deed to the New England Lodge at 634 High Street was settled in court and the seceding Lodge surrendered the property to the legitimate Lodge in October 1907.

It covers the topics Dayton, OH and freemasons.

It features the organizations Grand Lodge of Ohio F & AM and Independent Order of Odd Fellows Ark Lodge.

It covers the city Worthington.

You can find the original at Grand Lodge of Ohio Masonic Museum.

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