Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club Newsletter, March 1975


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Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club Newsletter, March 1975 is text. Its dimensions are 8.5 in. x 14 in.. It is 2 pages long.

It was created on Wednesday, March 26, 1975.

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An early issue of the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club newsletter, dated 26 March 1975. This issue features one of Rotary's two official mottos: "He Profits Most Who Serves Best." It also includes The Four-Way Test, which expresses the guiding principles of Rotary.

The Four-Way Test was developed by U.S. Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor. In 1932 he was asked to help rescue the struggling Club Aluminum Company of Chicago. Taylor developed four questions as a set of ethical guidelines for the company:
(1) Is it the truth?
(2) Is it fair to all concerned?
(3) Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
(4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

All business decisions were measured against the Test. The company's debt was repaid within five years, and over the next fifteen years the company paid more than $1 million in dividends to its shareholders.

Rotary officially adopted The Four-Way Test in 1943. It serves as a guide for both the professional and personal conduct of Rotarians worldwide.

It covers the topic clubs.

It features the organization Dublin Worthington Rotary Club.

It covers the city Worthington.

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