High School Diploma

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High School Diploma is text. Its dimensions are 6.31 in. x 8.5 in..

It was created on Thursday, May 23, 1946.

Worthington High School is the Creator.

This is the diploma of one of the graduates of the Worthington High School class of 1946. Sam Harsh was the president of High-Y, class treasurer, track manager, and member of the football team, band, and student council.

Graduates of 1946 were Joan Bellows, Barbara Bender, Henry Blake, Pat Blakesley, Max Bohmont, Elizabeth Bolton, Wanita Bowers, Ruthanne Brady, Robert Brooks, Phil Brown, Wanda Buck, Barbara Buell, R. E. Burwell, Margie Call, Gary Carle, Ruth Carlton, Bill Chadeayne, Marilyn Christian, Carl Emery Clements, Anna Davidson, Betty Denig, Jack Denkewalter, Dona Diercks, Donna Dildine, Bob Dominy, Toni East, Wanita Egelhoff, Betty Ellyson, Ann Frass, Louis Francis, Elmer Gausman, Belford Griffith, Ken Grubb, Clarice Guden, Robert Hall, Ardie Hamilton, William Hamilton, George T. Harding IV, Sam Harsh, Tom Hartman, Robert Henry, Virginia Hetrick, Jane Hoag, Janet Howard, Robert Wayne Jewett, Dona Johnson, Jane Joseph, Ken Kayner Jr., Pat Kerr, William Lindimore, Ada Llyod, Ila Lyons, Ada Mayall, Lena McPhearson, Phyllis Moench, Jeannie Moore, Joe Morgan, Molly Morgan, Joe Neds, Jo Ann Nesser, Barbara Newell, Judy Nocker, Dave Norman, Norma Notestone, David O'Brien, Betty Pfefferle, Jack Pruden, Mary Raymond, Glenn Reed, Eleanor Rowland, Homer Ruppersburg, Don Russell, Charlene Shuster, Tom Snouffer, Martin Strickland Jr., Ray Sunderland, Dona Tarbutton, Gwen Turner, Ted Turner, William Wardwell, Jack Way, Doris Wood, Dean Wright, Don Wright and Francis Ziegler.

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