Invitation to the Fortnightly Club's Centennial Party


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Invitation to the Fortnightly Club's Centennial Party is text, with genre ephemera. Its dimensions are 3.94 in. x 5 in..

It was created on Friday, October 30, 1903.

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In 1903 the Fortnightly Club held a Centennial Party to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Village of Worthington. The gathering was held at the home of Dickerson Welling, who lived in a large brick dwelling on the northeast corner of High Street and New England Avenue. The event was a benefit for a reading room to sponsored by the Fortnightly Club. The club was organized by a number of Worthington residents and was a literary study group meant to "stimulate intellectual and moral development and to promote good fellowship among its members." The group had a strong interest in the Shakespeare and therefore named itself the Fortnightly Club. The reading room grew into the Worthington Public Library Association by 1908.

It covers the topics fund raising, libraries and centennial celebrations.

It features the person Dr. Dickerson H. Welling, 1847-1932.

It features the organization Fortnightly Club.

It covers the city Worthington. It covers the area Old Worthington.

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