Program for Perry Township Commencement, 1935


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Program for Perry Township Commencement, 1935 is text, with genre program. It is 2 pages long.

It was created on Thursday, May 23, 1935.

Worthington Historical Society is the Contributor.

This program from 1935 lists the graduates from both North and South Perry Township School. The North Perry Grammar School was located in the building that is now home to the Linworth Alternative School building on West Granville Road in Linworth. Students who graduated from North Perry School attended Worthington High School. South Perry School was located on Fishinger Road near the intersection of Reed Road near The Ohio State University.

Students listed in the program from North Perry School are Glenn Morrow, Ben Pyle, Herbert Boucher, David Sherman, Jack Extenkemper, Adeline Gibson, Helen Taladay, Robert Keeler, Anna Shuster, Ruth Bratton, Atha Wilcox, Betty McCleery, Janet Bowers, Joan Paschal, Robert Baker,Stanley Wilcox, Cecil Scott, Viola Williams, and Robert Montrose. The signatures of some of these class members on the are the reverse of this program, which was saved by student Atha Wilcox, who signed her name across the top of the front.

Students from South Perry School are James Meteer, Eleanor McGarvey, Lewis Randall, Mary Goodyear, Charles Huf, Charles Salzgaber, Jane Groves, Wesley Buck, Elmer Lahrmer, Grace Lingo, Charles Fogle, Ruth Addis, Ralph Barker and Clarence Rapp.

Others on the program of events for the commencement include Rev. E.S. Wilson, C.E. Turley and Superintendent George .C. Beery (superintendent of Franklin County Schools). Board of Education members are listed as C.M. Buck, Carl Shoemaker, A.O. Hard (clerk), C.F. Salzgaber and G.R. Lingo.

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